Weekly Offering - Special Collections - The Appeal

Your contributions support the work of St. Patrick's Church, as well as designated charitable causes and the Diocese-wide Bishop's Annual Appeal.

Your faithful Sunday offering supports the operations of the church and parish center. From the salaries and benefits of three friars to the beautiful music provided for Holy Mass; from the utility bills for water, heating, cooling, lighting and communications to the work of the maintenance, janitorial, security and office staffs; from formative CCD and Youth Ministry programs to the many adult faith formation opportunities, your contributions provide the means for St. Patrick's Church to accomplish so much. Through various special collections during the year and the Bishop's Annual Appeal, you assist the wider Diocese and the world by supporting important programs and charitable causes.

Your parish offers a number of ways to give.


Most parishioners use the tried and true traditional offering envelopes mailed to their homes in a monthly packet, and placed in the collection basket at Sunday Mass. Registered parishioners are assigned a unique "envelope number" by which their donations are identified, credited and compiled into a year-end statement that may be useful for tax purposes.

Automatic Bill Pay through your Bank

Many parishioners use their bank's automatic bill pay service for making their weekly offering. There is no cost to the parish, nor to you. Simply go to your bank's website, look for a section called "Online Bill Pay" or a similar term, and follow the instructions. Please be sure to use your "envelope number" where your bank's system asks for "YOUR ACCOUNT NUMBER WITH THIS COMPANY" or similar words. You can also enter memo notations such as "Sunday Offering" or "Feast of the Ascension".

"WeShare", the Parish's Online Giving Platform

On-line giving helps ensure a reliable cash flow for the parish, allowing timely payment of expenses such as utilities and payroll, even when parishioners are away or unable to attend Mass for reasons of inclement weather or illness.

One of the most frequent questions directed to the parish office in recent years has been, "Can we make our Sunday donation on-line?" In response, we unveiled WeShare, our on-line giving platform. Now you can make direct transfers from your bank account, or use debit / credit cards for your Sunday offering, as well as all Holy Day and special collections. Tightly integrated with our parish data management system, WeShare helps to streamline the tasks associated with the donation envelopes and bank bill pay: sorting and counting checks, preparing bank deposits, and manually entering each contribution.

As with any credit or debit card transaction, there is a small fee to the parish, which is more than paid for in time saving and the increased regularity of contributions.

New User Guide FAQ Existing User Guide

WeShare is easily accessible at

Other Payments

The WeShare system is also available for paying fees such as CCD, Vacation Bible School, and more.

The Appeal Supporting Catholic Ministries

This annual campaign supports important Diocesan programs and initiatives, including seminarian education, social concerns, support for schools and parishes, and much more. Further, after a parish achieves a pre-determined goal, additional contributions are returned to the parish without the usual 6% assessment by the Diocese.

For complete information, go to

Contributors to the Appeal are asked to complete a pledge envelope, available in the church or parish office. Donations can be made by check, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or credit/debit cards. Online donations can be made at the Appeal website noted above.

Please note: WeShare is not available for donations to the Appeal.

Legacy Giving

Estate Planning

Please remember in your Will both the St. Patrick Parish Vocations-Youth Endowment Fund and the Dominican friars of St. Patrick. They are different legal entities. A gift to one will not benefit the other. Their legal names are: "St. Patrick Parish Vocations-Youth Endowment Fund"; "Dominican Fathers, Priory of St. Patrick, Columbus, Ohio".

A Suggested Form of Bequest

I hereby give to the (Roman Catholic Parish of St. Patrick, Columbus, Ohio for the benefit of the St. Patrick Parish Vocations-Youth Endowment Fund #320CEA) and/or (Dominican Fathers, Priory of St. Patrick, Columbus, Ohio) the sum of $ to be expended for the use of (the parish's youth ministry), (vocations programs) and/or (the Dominican Fathers).

Trusts, Gift Annuities, Insurance Instruments

If you would like to donate trusts, gift annuities, insurance instruments, or other instruments of giving to:

Dominican Province of St. Joseph, please consult the Director of the Dominican Friars Guild, Fr. Gabriel Gillen, O.P., by calling (212) 535-3664 or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also give online at

St. Patrick Parish, please consult John Mackessy, Chief Financial Officer for the Diocese of Columbus, 197 E. Gay St., Columbus, OH 43215, 614-224-1221

Additionally, The Catholic Foundation is available to assist you in your plans of simple or complex assets to contribute in support of the Parish Vocations-Youth Endowment Fund. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at 614-443-8893, ext. 104.