Ministries & Organizations


Contemplare, et contemplata aliis tradere

As St. Dominic brought his friars together to encounter Christ in prayer, study, and community (Contemplare), and then to hand on the fruits of this encounter to others through preaching (et contemplata aliis tradere), St. Patrick parish welcomes Catholics from far and near to encounter Christ in the Supper of the Lamb and in the saving truth of our Catholic faith, so that we can hand on what we have received to a world hungry for his truth given in love.

Our parish ministries and organizations flow directly from this mission:

Come to the Supper of the Lamb



Participate, prepare, and serve in parish liturgy and devotions


Deepen your knowledge of our faith and help others to deepen theirs

Bring Christ to a Hungry World

et contemplata aliis tradere


Reach out to our community in works of mercy and love


Share faith and friendship with your fellow Catholics