St. Patrick's Vocation Youth Fund

Invest with Purpose

Support programs that evangelize, catechize, safeguard, and strengthen the Catholic Faith in our youth, establishing faith-filled lives and marriages through which vocations to religious life and the priesthood flourish. Let this be your legacy.

Knowing the Tree by its Fruit

We have seen evidence of the good work the Lord has done through our parish.

"St. Patrick's Church was the parish my family and I attended whenever I was home from Virginia. The friars there exemplified what it meant to preach and live the gospel. They were devout in celebrating the Mass, courageous in preaching the Truth, and steadfast in hearing confession. The flourishing of the parish is a testament to the friars' cooperation with the grace of God, and it remained a burning when God called me to my vocation."
~Fr. Irenaeus Dunlevy, O.P.

"The presence and witness of the Dominican friars and the fidelity of St. Patrick Church gave me the strength I needed in my moments of weakness to continue to follow the Lord and His will that I become His priest."
~Fr. Stash Dailey, Diocesan Priest

With the Help of Others

We want to create opportunities for our young people to meet the Lord.

Ready to Make a Gift?

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We want to continue and grow St. Patrick's record of producing vocations to the priesthood and religious life, more than 20 in the last several years.
Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry

We plan to continue St. Patrick's evangelization of our children through our successful youth ministry programs, serving more than 300 enrolled in any given year.


St. Patrick's has unique catechetical programs, led by our Dominican friars and sisters with their love of the Church and motto of Veritas (Truth). Nearly 250 are enrolled in CCD.

Video Presentation

A recent presentation on the Vocations Youth Endowment Fund, featuring the Catholic Foundation’s Loren Brown, Fr. Stash Dailey, St. Patrick parishioner John Schlater, and pastor Fr. Stephen Alcott, O.P., can be viewed at our Boxcast Website.

Our Goal

When fully funded at $6 million, the annual $300,000 cost for the various programs and staff encouraging youth and vocations will be supported, even in times of economic downturn. We invite you to pledge with a legacy gift.