El Camino

Update August 26, 2019

I've been making good time on the trail. My traveling companions are multi-national: Korea, Taiwan, Portugal, and Ireland. With Spanish, English, and pointing we can always carry on a good conversation. Often it is about our Faith and/or solving the world's problems.

A Nugget: Time goes so much faster in walking when we do it with someone and keep each other from thinking only about the pains of the Camino. Often we look up and are surprised at how far we've come. Same in life, I think.

Saw this today around 7:00am.

 A 15th Century bridge that I crossed over in what would become a 30k day. Now it is a jousting and knight fighting area! Where is Father Hayes!

I went into this store, picked out the bread, type of cheese and meat and the owner made a sub sandwich right there.

 Looking from the trail towards Austorga, Spain. It was a relief to see.

Picture out the window from my room and the next one  from the Laundry room.

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