Into the Deep

This series, offered by Fr. Boniface Endorf, O.P., delves into the Catholic faith. It goes beyond basic catechesis, seeking to understand the 'whys' of the faith. Come and learn what God has revealed to us. Come to see more deeply into divine realities. Come and have your faith fed. Faith provides a lens for seeing reality more clearly, come and upgrade your faith and see the world and your path with greater clarity.

August 10: What is the Bible? What does it Show?
September 14: What Can We Know About God?
October 12: What Does Science Tell Us About God?
November 9: People's Choice
December 14: God, the Creator of Everything

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Faith: the Path to Understanding

Christianity teaches us many truths about who God is and what He has done to save us. Where does that teaching come from? How do we know who God is and what He has done? The virtue of Faith is how we know these truths. This talk considers what Faith is and how it can grow within us, transforming our vision of reality.

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Christianity from a Bird's-Eye View

What is at the center of Christianity? What is most essential? At the center is Jesus Christ, that Jesus is Lord. Everything in Christianity only makes sense in light of who Jesus is and what He did. Jesus is our Lord and Savior, and Christianity as a religion is those people who have encountered Jesus and profess Him as Lord, following Him in their lives.

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